Premium Features

Community Engagement

The cornerstone of any community is the members - happy and engaged users become ambassadors to your business and help spread your message.


Provides members a way to talk to each other on your site.

Live Event Feed

Provides members a view of the latest credited offers and surveys.

Promo Codes

Allow you to provide a code for in-site rewards

Membership Levels

Built in XP System allows members to gain levels as they progress with your business.


Everybody loves badges, and our built in achievements allows you to deliver

Updates & Enhancements

PanelScript is always adding, updating and enhancing our platform and actively implement client feature requests

Custom Heaven

Have a unique idea, let's hear it. No business should be forced into a "plain" box and we will work to meet your needs.

Experience Proven

Our team has over 10+ years of server administration and over 25 years of developing experience.

Why Run Your Business With PanelScript

Focus more on your business and members and we will keep you up and running and provide all technical skills and infrastructure solutions.

Fully Hosted Business

Your business is hosted on our optimized and scalable servers with enough resources to meet the highest demands and ability to scale as required.

Socialized Experience

Social integration allows for seamless login and registration and sharing of your content.

Engagement Tools

We help nurture engagement with many features that help them feel valued for being apart of your community.

Secure Database Environments

Isolated databases and daily backups for a peace of mind that in a disaster, your business is not lost!

Free Updates

Bugs, Fixes and Feature enhancements,are always included, no extra charge!

Unlimited Free Premium Support

Ticket support available 24/7 with low response times.

Our Licensing Packages - NO COST START

Our licensing and free to start approach is the best in the business and allows you to get in-business for absolutely nothing and your pay only when you are making money!

Pay only when you make money

At the start of each new billing period, we will invoice you for the prior periods revenue and apply the fee based on the revenue generated. The maximum fee you will ever pay is $99. Invoices are generated and available in your PanelScript administration panel.

Monthly Costs

10% of revenue to a max of $99/mo

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