There are several challenges people face when running online surveys, such as getting the right responses from unbiased users or asking unbiased survey questions that make the respondents answer in a certain way. It is highly recommended when conducting online surveys to consider the type of reporting tools to use, questions, sequence and time taken to complete the surveys.

PanelScript is an Optimized Reward Management system that handles the whole reward management process for you. With PanelScript you can focus more on your business and community members while we keep you up and running as well as provide all the technical skills and infrastructure solutions. PanelScript’s fully hosted platform is scalable and comes with built-in access to thousands of surveys, along with full offerwall support, enabling you to deploy a complete rewards-based monetization solution on your site in minutes. This makes it easier for both you and your users to generate an additional income stream from taking surveys.

Although Panelscript was launched in early March 2019, our story began when we entered the paid survey industry in 2012 in an attempt to solve problems faced by business owners. Since then Opinion Capital's platform has been used to conduct hundreds of successful market research with the aim of gaining insights into user's choices, opinions and experience about their product.

What started with a handful number of users in 2012 has grown tremendously over the years to thousands of monthly active users. I'm sure the question on your mind right now is "If Opinion Capital is already successful then why launch PanelScript?". Well, guess what? We wanted more, seeing that the platform Opinion Capital was originally built on hasn't received any update and since there are very few or perhaps no alternatives to it, we decided to create one from scratch that would represent what we would have wanted the software to become.

PanelScript has undergone both performance and assurance quality tests internally with small sites since it’s soft launch this year to make it the best platform for Reward Management. The custom-built Community management script which is ready to launch also allows feature enhancement, bug fixes, regular updating and secure database which stores all your data.

We’re also thrilled to announce the release of PanelScript's 2.0 which will officially be presented to publishers at one of the biggest and most exciting events this year, the Affiliate Summit APAC which will take place at the Sands Expo Centre from October 1 - 2. This event brings together participants in the Affiliate marketing industry to help facilitate education and information on products, services, and opportunities.

If you are also attending or you’d like to come and discuss the latest trends, learn more about the PanelScript’s vision and products, or our business model, then our team would love to meet you! The General Manager Vincent Dupuy will be there also.  Feel free to reach out to us through our Facebook page below :) and don't forget to follow us in order to keep up with the latest events as well as updates on PanelScript.

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

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