PanelScript Release Announcement

Version 2.1.0

With extreme pleasure, we would like to introduce the latest release of PanelScript, our community monetization platform, version 2.1.0. This update contains both frontend and backend improvements as well as core code updates that will help support new platform features and enhancements.



  • Member Targeting
  •  Custom Statuses
  •  Survey Click/Postback Management
  •  Survey API
  • General Enhancement
    • Payment Management
    •  Admin Menu
  • Frontend Forms



Released as a pre-release feature early in January, the new custom member status is an official module of the platform. This module allows you to setup custom statuses for members and assign theme specific access to features of your website. The module comes pre-installed with 4 default statuses that you can customize or override with your own custom status, providing ultimate customization on member access on your site.



One of the more advanced features of recent releases is the member targeting module. This module will allow you to set certain features to be restricted to a subset of your user base. The module comes with 10 built in targeting options and you can create an unlimited number of targeting scenarios.  Currently the following features support this new targeting module: Payment Methods, Promocodes, Contests, Achievements, Bonuses & Task Lists & Offerwalls. As new user experience items are released, they will be compatible with this module



A new administration page provides a little bit more insight into who is completing/attempting surveys. The new table allows you to manage a user’s survey clicks and manually credit/reverse a survey on your site from a single page.



As we head into a fully integrated environment between your PanelScript website and your Opinion Capital Account, all PanelScript websites are getting a full API upgrade to the new and latest Opinion Capital API. The new API has been completely rewritten to be faster and more optimized and to provide the ability to do more with it.  We have atleast a couple new features planned as a direct result of this new API.



In our general enhancements a few notables we have made changes that make your administration life just a wee-bit easier. We have added new menu badges that inform you of new payment requests, tickets or locked funds, and you can manage all your payment options from a single page in a new and improved format. We also have re-labeled and organized the menu for better navigation experience.



We have redesigned member facing forms to be much slimmer and less bulky and to be modular to support custom integrations in an improved manner. One example, we have removed majority of the fields for signing up, in favor of a much slimmer form. This change would assist in conversion rates as requiring less information at landing on this page is less intimidating for an end user.



We also introduce a new feature, called the “Account Wizard”. This wizard will allow the member to input account details and the information we need to maintain an accurate survey profile separately in an ultra-slick way.


The short form & the Account Wizard will only be available on the default PanelScript theme and can be requested by our custom theme clients via support ticket.


Several other frontend and core code updates where made to support the new features and prepare to support the planned features for upcoming releases of PanelScript.


Official Release Date is Feb 26, 2020.


Check out our demo now:


PanelScript Team

Monday, February 24, 2020

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