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Administration Demo

The admin demo is where you manage your communities settings, members, and more

Frontend Demo

The frontend demo is where your members would log into your community and become loyal money makers for you.


What is PanelScript?

PanelScript is a fully hosted, fully-featured custom-built platform allowing you to launch & run your own get paid to survey rewards community. With our direct connection to a vast inventory of high-paying surveys, and the ability to integrate with most CPA/Offer networks, your community will earn an unlimited income every single month.
Popular Features

Survey Inventory

Provided by Opinion Capital, Instant access to 16 different providers.

Content Management

A fully-featured CMS system is baked right in, allowing the management of content both default and custom.

Support Desk

Communicate and track member support through the built in support desk.

Unlimited Staff

Bring on extra staff and restrict access to certain areas.

Roles & Permissions

Every staff member can be restricted to certain areas based on unlimited configurations that can be easily setup up.

Social Integration

 Integrate Facebook/Google Login and registration instead or in addition to standard processes.
Built-In Modern Features
The cornerstone of any community is the members - happy and engaged users become ambassadors to your business and help spread your message.
A multi-currency e-wallet system allows full separation of several balance types like cash, points, and crypto.

Built-in security features that assist to keep fraud and cheaters at bay. Security such as duplicate IP, country blocking, proxy and VPN detection all come standard
Premium Membership Features


Member to member and admin to admin chatbox allows for members to engage one another in real-time

Promotional Codes

Issue redeemable codes to your members that reward them with a exclusive reward.


Award and recognize members with configurable achievements for reaching certain goals and completing certain tasks.


Run unlimited contests such as referral and activity based contest and reward any number of members your contest prizes.

Realtime Feed

Broadcast the latest events to all members without a need to refresh the page.

Experience & Levels

Send your members up to higher levels as they progress through your business.


Configure unlimited bonuses based on your members completing certain tasks, or earning certain achievements.


Configure unlimited daily goals to keep your members busy, and making both of you money
Community Security

IP Based Blocking

Ban members and access based on a members IP address.

Proxy/VPN Detection

Ban members and access based on a the detection of a proxy or vpn.

​Premium Service Available

Also available to block Tor and provides blocking based on an IP Analysis score

Country Blocking

Ban members and access based on a members detected country.

Payment Fraud Detection

Detect when a member is using multiple accounts and trying to receive payment to the same account.

Security Log

Internal security log keeps tracks and allows you to see a members security flags and other alerts.
Why Run Your Business With PanelScript

Focus more on your business and members and we will keep you up and running and provide all technical skills and infrastructure solutions.

Fully Hosted

Your business is hosted on our optimized and scalable servers with enough resources to meet the highest demands and ability to scale as required.

Socialized Experience

Social integration allows for seamless login and registration and sharing of your content.

Engagement Tools

We help nurture engagement with many features that help them feel valued for being apart of your community.

Secure Environments

Isolated databases and daily backups for a peace of mind that in a disaster, your business is not lost!

​Free Updates

Bugs, Fixes and Feature enhancements, are always included, no extra charge!

​Unlimited Support

Ticket support available 24/7 with low response times.
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